Patricia Prieto: Creating Content That Matters

Patricia Prieto planted her roots online. On social media and within the digital realm, she’s known as a 20-something fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger. She is one of the pioneers of the influencer phenomenon, proving to most of us that true content creators have more than just a pretty picture and catchy caption to speak for.

Tenacity and an openness to change sets Patricia apart from the rest. That, and an authentic, no-filters approach to communicating with her audience.

Patricia wears the Oleg Cassini Elizabeth Olive Green Coat and the Hilary Olive Green Pants.

Patricia was a blogger first. She began by sharing her thoughts, feelings, and passions online. This led to a readership that made her a voice for individuals of her generation. Changes in the digital paradigm inspired her to switch platforms. She hosted her blog on Multiply. Way before folk uploaded their IG worthy photographs on the photo-sharing app, Patricia was already signed on. “I’ve had Instagram for years, that’s what I would use just to filter photos that I’d post on Facebook or Multiply.”

It was authentic and original content that engaged an increasing amount of followers. The many facets and stages of her life shared on her social media posts allowed many to relate and resonate with her persona. Patricia explains, “I try my best to share things that are different!” She emphasizes that she and her following basically grew up together. It was in sharing the journey with those on her follower list that she was able to inspire.  

There are other things on her plate apart from content creation. Patricia joined the Electric Studio team in 2017. It was a time when indoor cycling set in a dance club type of environment was unheard of.  “Believe it or not, it took my cousin a month to convince me to try it out!” she exclaimed. “After my first class, I was instantly hooked.” 




She likens the experience to a rush of love and euphoria. This would later pave the way for her to become one of the pioneering instructors of this exercise movement. She shares, “I still get excited clipping in and riding it out.”

Routine for someone who leads an active lifestyle includes good skincare that is effective and efficient. Her advice for the summer? Keep yourself hydrated, she says “It’s the most natural way to keep your skin moisturized.” In addition to the rest of her tried-and-tested routine, she also adds sunblock with extra protection, and a cooling mist she keeps in her bag. 

In Patricia’s bag (L to R): Stila Convertible Color, Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – Micro Tip, L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, Cath Kidston Crisp Cotton Hand Sanitizer, Acca Kappa Mandarin & Green Tea EDP, Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater

Patricia navigates everything with a sense of ease and expertise. From her daily musings to newfound passions and all-important beauty essentials, Patricia definitely is not in the business of sweating the small stuff. 




Patricia’s Workout Skincare Tips

1. Before you workout, hydrate!
2. I wash my face before teaching because it WILL get oily
3. Always keep your hair away from your face, (if you forget a clip, improvise)
4. After class, I wash my face, follow it with toner and finish with a face spray, it’s like an instant refresh

Editor Bianca Salonga
Words Andrea Lam
Photography Miguel Abesamis of Studio 100
Creative Direction Alex Manlangit
Video Producer Nicca Espanol
Videographer Kieran Punay of Studio 100
Styling Mik Tabimina
Makeup  Laila Al-Harty using Stila
Hair Francis Guintu
Shoot Coordination Em Camazuela
Shot on Location at One Mega Studio