Marie Lozano, Eternal Sunshine

Marie Lozano had just returned from a trip to New Zealand when she sat down for a cover shoot with The Source. She looked every bit the quintessential sun goddess—gold tan, a subtle rosy flush on the cheeks and a glow that seemed to radiate from within. This, despite having had to adjust to extreme weather and time zones. “The five-hour time difference can mess up your sleep,” she mused. Her disposition remained bright, looking every inch the poster image of a morning person.

Marie wears the Moon River Sweetheart Wrap Dress

Marie is no stranger to the long, brutal hours working on set. A two-decade career saw her evolve and transition from hard news reporting to lifestyle journalism. She remembers, “When I was a news reporter, I remember walking into the newsroom in an all-white outfit, high heeled shoes. I was all glammed up. That day, they asked me to cover a fire incident in Quezon City.” The young reporter was unfazed. She headed to her assignment, ready to make her mark in the world. “I went home with my white pants soiled past my knees,” she says with a laugh. Marie’s anecdotes of a fashion girl finding her place in the cut-throat business of news reporting is a reflection of her strong spirit and an almost insatiable thirst for life. Marie describes, “Our days would go on up until the news was covered, written, edited and ready to air. At the end of that very long day, we would go home to get a few hours of rest and be up again for another day.” Those were, as she recalled, exciting times that would later shape her into the woman that she is today.




Lifestyle journalism was a natural progression for Marie. Despite having had to rough it at work, she never compromised her sense of style and eye for beauty. As the host of ANC show, Cityscape, Marie takes her viewers to stunning destinations and hot spots all over the globe. Fine food, design hubs, beauty havens, and style secrets are topics covered on the show that inspire a discerning audience to aspire for a life well-lived. Episodes shot in locations around various continents also inspire viewers to invest in more meaningful experiences. Travel, adventure and discovery are things that most excite the host and lifestyle journalist. In a recent post on her Instagram, she wrote: “I started building my bucket list after I turned 30, so it should not be a surprise that on top of that list include what I thought were nearly impossible activities such as climbing Mount Everest and sky diving.” She’s ticked those things off the list and even added a few more such as landing on an ice glacier. When asked what her next conquest would be, she pauses and replies, “It would be a challenge now to think up of something that can top those.”

Photos courtesy of @iammarielozano on Instagram

Nearby the ocean is where Marie is truly at home. She is perpetually ready for mini escapes that take her to the country’s most beautiful beaches. Regardless of the time of year, there is always room in her agenda for a quick trip to the beach or a few hours of sun worship. With bikinis, bandanas and her trusty Canon EOSR RF in tow, she finds the joy in the simple pleasures at sea.




The feel of fresh sea breeze and lazy afternoons soaking up the sun are what for her make a perfect day. She captures moments like these through her photographs. “I am an enthusiast of good photography,” Marie declares.

There are thousands of photographs in her image bank. This summer, Marie’s compendium of images inspired by the sun, sea and sand will surely grow. There are trips already lined up to set the mood for the season ahead. More items on her bucket list are likely to be ticked off. Regardless of where her adventures might take her, Marie remains the very picture of eternal sunshine, always ready to live her best life.

Get Her Look

Marie wears the high gloss look to take her from sunny days to sultry nights.
Lilian Yeung walks us through this haute hot makeup trend using Tom Ford Beauty products.

High Gloss for Sunny Days

1. Start with the Illuminating Primer and follow this with the Traceless Perfecting Foundation SPF15 in Bisque. Lilian likes to mix this with a little face oil to create a glossy finish.
2. Groom brows with Brow Sculptor and Brow Pomade in Taupe. Top this with Fiber Brow Gel in Espresso.
3. Create depth for the eyes with Eye Quad in Suspicion. Add definition with the Emotionproof Eyeliner and add a layer of Extreme Mascara in Raven.
4. Emphasis contours and highlights with Shade and Illuminate in Intensity One.
5. For a natural flush, Lilian uses Cheek Color in Inhibition.
6. To pull the entire look together, top off with Gloss Luxe in Inhibition.




High Gloss and a Pop of Color for Sultry Nights

For an added pop of color, Lilian integrates intense hues to Marie’s eyes.
1. Lilian chose a blue color shade from Eye Quad in Daydream. She advises that for better intensity, dab instead of swiping.
2. She matches this with a layer of Cheek Color in shade Ravish.
3. Lips are also painted Tom Ford Lip Color in Indian Rose.

Words Bianca Salonga
Photography Miguel Abesamis of Studio 100
Creative Direction Alex Manlangit
Video Producer Nicca Espanol
Videographer Kieran Punay of Studio 100
Styling Mik Tabimina
Makeup Lilian Yeung using Tom Ford Beauty
Hair Francis Guintu
Shoot Coordination Em Camazuela