How To Set The Mood For A Day Of Relaxation and Rejuvenation With Neal’s Yard Remedies

Home or your private space is where mind, body and soul come to rest and recover. It is a safe sanctuary where, at the start of each day, one is able to gather thoughts, energize and set the tone for being positive and productive. By nighttime, this very same space becomes your private cocoon for releasing all anxieties, stress and pressure. 

For your home to become the sanctuary that it was intended to be, you have to know how to properly set the mood so that it’s conducive for relaxing and reinvigorating. As the most basic rule of thumb, tidy and well-organized spaces are best for harnessing a good flow of energy. Lighting and good air circulation also contribute to the positive feeling surrounding your space. Notice how dark and cramp corners bring forth a feeling of unrest and fatigue. 

These aromatic wellness essentials from Neal’s Yard Remedies will do wonders in setting the mood for an invigorating morning ritual or a nighttime turn-down regimen. 

Start your morning in high spirits

Organic Aromatherapy Uplifting Room Spray enlivens your auric fields with energizing orange, cleansing grapefruit, and refreshing garden mint. This is a great refreshing scent to use just after tidying up your bedroom in the mornings. If its puffy eyes that greet you in the mirror at the start of your day, fret not. Reviving White Tea Eye Gel does an excellent job of depuffing swollen, tired-looking eyes. It’s an instant perk-me-up for the face and overall mood, too. 




Organic Aromatherapy Uplifting Candles makes mornings even brighter. Burning candles at home, and especially at the start of each day, helps to increase focus, brings in a feeling of positivity and improves overall well being. Neal’s Yard Remedies’ romantic bougies are also perfect accompaniments to a sunrise yoga practice. 

Get through the day with great focus

The Organic Aromatherapy Balancing Candle and Room Spray bring relaxation to any space and are ideal to use before engaging in work or study. Bergamot, geranium and patchouli help establish a sense of balance and grounding, which is essential for mindfully ticking off tasks on a long to-do list. Keep a bottle of Reviving White Tea Face Mist handy throughout the day for an instant dose of calm and serenity. 

Finally, a restful retreat

The Organic Aromatherapy Calming Candle and Room Spray are great at setting the mood for deep slumber at day’s end. Put on soothing music, give your feet a gentle massage, be enveloped by aromas of calming rose and soothing patchouli. If you’re looking to further enhance your wind down routine, detoxify skin with Reviving White Tea Face Mask just before tucking into bed.