Acing the Base: A Skin-Loving Primer for Every Look

The secret to beautiful makeup is radiant, healthy skin. No amount of coverage compares to a natural glow and a silky smooth skin surface. That is why skincare and pre-makeup preps are essential. It was this mindset for bringing together skincare and cosmetics that inspired Laura Mercier to create a range of skin primers that have a water-based, silicone-free formulation. 

Laura Mercier’s Pure Canvas Primer Collection is your key to perfect your skin base. So whether you are planning to go all-out glam, looking to wear the season’s glass skin, or simply out to enhance natural glow, there is a primer or skin essence to suit your makeup look. 

#1: All Out Glam 

Serve picture-perfect looks all day with the Pure Canvas Power Primer Supercharged Essence (Php 3,050). This primer hybrid gives you next-level skin prep capabilities that soothes and leaves the skin surface silky smooth. 




#2: Matte Matters

Create soft focus effect with Pure Canvas Primer Blurring (Php 2,095). This formulation works best for oily skin types as it leaves a matte, poreless finish. It is also ideal for blurring out skin imperfections. 

#3: The Hydrated Heroine

Instantly refresh and replenish your skin with the Pure Canvas Primer Hydrating (Php 2,095). An all-new, water-based formulation, this primer variant locks in moisture for healthy-looking skin from sun up to sun down. 

#4: Glow Darling

Create that glow from within with Pure Canvas Primer Illuminating (Php 2,095). This formulation instantly brightens dull skin, resulting in a luminous finish that is impressively au naturelle




#5: The Classic Idol 

Products are called classics for a good reason. The Laura Mercier original Pure Canvas Primer Protecting (Php 2,095) not only creates the perfect canvas for makeup, it also shields your skin from harmful UV rays with a weightless Broad Spectrum SPF 30. It’s the same formula you tried, tested and loved—but this time, with an upgraded tres chic look. 

#6: The Quintessential Star

Another beloved classic, the Pure Canvas Primer Perfecting (Php 2,095) gives you everything you need in a primer. With aloe vera, vitamin C, and green tea extracts, this trusted formulation calms the skin and protects it from the sun and other pollutants. 

Makeup is only as good as your pre-glam skincare routine. Skin that’s well taken care of glows naturally and becomes even more striking all made up. So before you apply that first layer of foundation and concealer, prep your skin with a Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer.