Un Fantasme des Fleurs: A Breathtaking Journey with diptyque

Close your eyes and imagine being surrounded by the enchanting blooms from around the world. Your senses are heightened as you take in the vivid hues of orchids from Asia, lilies from Europe, and roses from the Americas. This captivating imagery is realized by fragrances from diptyque’s Impossible bouquet. 

Confounding seasonality, the maison des parfum masterfully curates a line that brings together blooms that, essentially, couldn’t be in a single bouquet. Bringing this olfactory treat visual form is digital artist, Bas Meeuws, who renders dramatic and captivating images of each flower. 

A Venetian retreat with EDT Olene

The sultry summer sun of Venice awaits. Cascading wisteria covers the street as the sweet, powdery aroma of jasmine dances gracefully in the air. One spritz of Olene and you’re transported to the Queen of the Adriatic, floating through the canals, and loving every minute in this picturesque city.

Top Notes: narcissus and honeysuckle 

Heart: wisteria and sweet jasmine

Base Notes: green notes and white flower


The scenic route to Ha Long Bay with EDT Do Son

Ha Long Bay is otherworldly. From its emerald waters to the limestone islands, you’ll be left in awe of this hidden Vietnamese gem. Be intoxicated by the slender tuberose and gentle orange blossom that inhabits the waters with a bottle of Do Son. 

Top Notes: African orange flower, rose, and iris 

Heart: spicy tuberose and pink pepper

Base Notes: benzoin and musk




Strolling under the Southern French sun with EDT Eau Rose 

Summer solstice in France Sud is like no other. Spend mornings sauntering down the scenic streets and late afternoons by the majestic ocean. As opulent Centifolia bloom, it covers the region with a relaxing, powdery scent that makes you dream of a lifetime in le Midi as you sprinkle on the Eau Rose.

Top Notes: bergamot, black currant, and litchi

Heart: jasmine, geranium, and rose 

Base Notes: musk, Virginia cedar, and white honey


Discover South Asia with EDT Eau des Sens

The wonders of South Asia are unknown to many. Quite like the spicy juniper berries in the Eau des Sens, surprising adventures await you in this sun-drenched region. Bright orange blossoms, crisp white flowers, and glistening green foliage create a pleasing aroma and vivid memories alike. 

Top Notes: orange blossom and bitter orange

Heart: juniper berries 

Base Notes: patchouli and angelica




Balance the senses in Ecuador with EDT L’Ombre dans l’Eau

Go back in time as you journey to the ancient cities and lush jungles of Ecuador. While many tourists are drawn to the country to see the Galápagos Islands for themselves, take splendor in the flourishing of fresh roses. L’Ombre dans l’Eau pairs this accord with opulent black currant for a fresh fruity scent that awakens the wondrous spirit inside.

Notes: Fresh Bulgarian roses, weeping willow, and blackcurrant

Explore the Comoros Archipelago with  EDT L’Eau Moheli 

L’Eau Moheli introduces you to the clandestine archipelago of Comoros. Ylang Ylang takes centerstage in this unique fragrance while paired with graphic and glistening pink peppercorns. This refined bouquet feels ethereal in the peculiar combination brought to life with every spritz.

Notes: Yellow ylang-ylang, pink peppercorns, patchouli, ginger, vetiver, benzoin, incense