The Golden Ratio: Your Guide to On-Point Brows 24/7

One cardinal rule to makeup: get your brows perfectly, and you’ve won half the battle. In fact, some women even forgo all other color cosmetics but can never step out of their homes without brows that are on point.  

Known as the Queen of Brows, Anastasia has patented an eyebrow shaping technique called the Golden Ratio® Eyebrow Shaping Method. This theory to creating brows holds the promise of getting the right thickness, angles and shapes with ease. Regardless of your skill level at drawing brows, this fool-proof technique promises almost perfect symmetry. Here’s how it works:

FIND the three key points on each brow. 

Point I, should be directly above the center of your nostrils.
Point II can be determined by connecting the edge of your brows with the corner of the eye and nostrils.
Point III connects the center of the tip of the nose with the center of the iris. 

Now here’s the fun part, using your Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Shaping Tools, start creating the perfect brow. 






Use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stencil as a guide.
This five-set pack features five different shapes to choose from. It highlights the three points from the Golden Ratio. 



Draw brows. using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo and the dual-ended angled Brush 7B. The angled end of the brush is recommended for sweeping the buildable powder through brows. Run the spoolie brush through brows to create a more natural finish.



Once your brows are drawn and blended, remove the stencil and inspect for excess strands.
Use Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers and pluck hair that stray outside the shaped brow. 






Anastasia Beverly Hills Scissors are used by most professional brow artists for easy trimming. It is perfect for those who are trying to grow out their brows or are wary about over-plucking.

Still wondering which brow shape is the best? 

The quick answer to that is it depends on your personal preference but quite like fingerprints, ideal brow shapes differ per person. Anastasia Beverly Hills steers us in the right direction with a quick and handy guide to the best brow shapes for every face shape.

Round Face

Give your brows a high, sharp arch so it gives your face a major point. It’s a great contrast to your soft, round features. Groom the brows going upward with the Tinted Brow Gel to keep it in place and elongate your face.

Square Face

Your square jaw is truly a defining feature so your brows have to work hard to soften everything else and make your face appear rounder. Some people, however, love that strong and fierce look that a thick strong arch provides, all up to you!

Heart-Shaped Face

Our advice is to lean into it! A soft, low-arched brow would flow well with a heart-shaped face as opposed to super trendy thick-browed look. Just be careful not to thin them out because our golden rule remains: don’t overpluck!

Oval Face

An oval face shape is the perfect canvas for a classic, soft-angled brow. The slight arch adds balance to your look while adding dimension without it looking too harsh.

Diamond-Shaped Face

Curved brows are the answer. As someone with a diamond-shaped face, your goal is to make it seem rounder and a curved brow gives the face an upward lift, all while making your face look less wide.

Long-Shaped Face

A flat horizontal brow balances out a long-shaped face. Not only does it make it look shorter, but it also plays up to your features. Remember to be careful when extending the tail, because the last thing you want is a droopy-looking eye.

Images courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills and @anastasiabeverlyhills on Instagram