Comb Through: The Art of Impeccable Hairstyling

The way our hair looks day in and day out dictates much of how we feel about ourselves. This is precisely why we don’t mind splurging on hair care. We line our shelves with top-tier hair products. Despite busy schedules, we patiently sit through hours of treatment. All this time and effort in the name of our crowning glory. 

What we do miss out often times are the right tools that help us achieve the best hair looks. In fact, a good lot of us get by without using them at all. 

After 150 years of hair care expertise, Acca Kappa knows that quality hair brushes play a vital role in healthy hair growth. It applies its passion for quality and impeccable craftsmanship to the creation of hair tools that are simple yet effective in promoting strong and healthy hair. 

This year, Acca Kappa is finally launching the much-awaited Acca Kappa Profesional collection. Each tool in this well-thought-out range is designed to meet the needs and standards of world-renowned hairdressers. There is a specific brush or comb that can go well with hair type and style. This is the consideration that informs the collection. Made with only the finest materials like natural rubber, wood, vegetable fibers, and Mediterranean sponges, every piece is key for achieving a wide range of hairstyles. True to its ethos of making every product a masterpiece, all tools from Acca Kappa are produced and handmade finished in Italy. 

Since its founding in 1869, no other company comes close to Acca Kappa’s commitment to crafting fine brushes and combs. Every silhouette, curvature and bristle is set in place with one intention: to help bring glory to your lovely locks. This is why an Acca Kappa comb or brush is not just an indulgence; it is an investment you make for hair’s overall health.




Want to know what of brush is for you? We’ve narrowed it down to the basics:

Round Brush

Photos courtesy of @lucyhale and @lalalalisa_m on Instagram

Boar-bristle brushes are highly recommended for fine hair, and the brush’s round aluminum barrel is great if you’re trying to achieve a straight and sleek look without sacrificing volume. For people with long hair, it’s best to choose a larger barrel, but shorter-haired gals should keep it small (especially for styling bangs!)

Pin Cushion Hairbrush

Photo courtesy of @margotrobbie on Instagram

This kind of brush is perfect for thick hair types. The base is antistatic, so frizz won’t stand a chance and the brush’s stiff bristles are ideal for detangling. Acca Kappa’s Carbonium hairbrush has “silver ions” with antimicrobial protection, keeping your scalp safe and protected.




Cone Brush

Photo courtesy of @zendaya on Instagram

The brush’s cone shape helps you create looser and wavier locks compared to a classic ringlet and its longer barrel lets it handle larger sections of hair. Perfect for almost any hair type, Acca Kappa’s Wavy Cone Brush can be used on wet hair, drying and curling it at once without needing to turn up the heat.