Laura Mercier Dark Spell Collection


Laura Mercier introduces its Dark Spell Collection this fall 2013. Inspired by fantasy, mystery and magical ways of women, Laura created a collection combining dark shade eye colours to achieve a seductive and captivating eyes and pale and berry lip colours to balance the darkness. It is a mystical new look that demands attention, as its tagline says.

The limited edition collection includes:

Magical & Mystical Baked Eye Colour


Laura Mercier is known for featuring Baked Technology in producing an innovative wet/dry colour formula for its eye shadows.  You can use it dry for a light effect and wet for a dramatic look. If you’re brave enough to head on the dark side, Magical and Mystical eye colours are the best picks. Magical is white shade with black while Mystical is black shade with silver specs.

These eye colours have a wonderful texture that make it easy to blend. They go on smoothly and evenly onto the skin and does not require touch ups. It also has a great staying power throughout the day. The best part is when you mix and match these shades with other Laura Mercier eye colours to try different looks.

These shades look shimmery in the pan but it appear more subtle on the eyes. So, there is no need to worry about having an overly shiny look. If you like sparkle that is more age appropriate, then, this is for you.


Dark Spirit Satin Matte Eye Colour


Dark Spirit is a black eye colour that is highly pigmented with a multi-dimensional matte finish. It has a soft and creamy texture that makes it very easy to apply. Its long-wearing formula allows you to use it for 12 hours of staying true to its colour without fading and dusting.


Spell Bound Face Illuminator


Spell Bound Face Illuminator is a soft rose gold shimmer used in highlighting your face, neck and eyes. It provides natural radiance to complexion for an instant healthy glow and makes you feel young, fresh and beautiful.

Its long-wearing formula based on high pearl levels does not require retouches. It is also very comfortable to wear due to its lightweight formula with a soft, creamy texture that will make your skin glow without being too shiny. It highlights the parts effortlessly resulting in a multi-dimensional luminous finish.


Smoke Caviar Stick Eye Colour


Smoke is a grey eyeshadow perfect for a smoldering eye makeup. This is a product with so many uses. It can be an eyeliner, an eyeshadow and a base for Laura Mercier baked eyeshadows. Its creamy texture allows it to glide on butter-smooth and once on, dries down and does not smudge or crease.


EC-2 Eye Canvas


EC-2 is a light beige eye primer. It acts as a foundation for your eye and a must have before applying eye colour. It is a great base for powder eyeshadow as it absorbs oil and your eyeshadow does not go anywhere. It covers neatly and beautifully preventing creasing and smudging.


Black Faux Lash Mascara


This black mascara provides a “false lashes” effect for high impact lashes. This is perfect for those who want thicker, fuller and longer lashes that will last all day without going through the process of putting falsies. It does not wear off easily unless you wash it with makeup remover or water and soap. You will never experience smudging and clumping with this product.


Black Kohl Liner Extreme


The Kohl Liner Extreme in black is a rich, bold and highly pigmented eyeliner. Its purpose is to add depth and definition to the eyes. The creamy texture allows for smudging, easy blending and creating smoky eyes. The ultra soft, creamy formula glides along the lash line and inner rim of eye smoothly and evenly. There’s no need to worry about having raccoon eyes.

The long-wearing and non-drying formulas make it very comfortable to wear. This eyeliner is also water resistant and does not irritate the eyes.


Charmed and Rose Flush Lip Plumper


Charmed is peach with a little bit of shimmer while Rose Flush is a plum-neutral-rose without shimmer. These lip plumpers definitely hydrate and moisturize your lips as described. It can be worn alone or worn over a lipstick for enhancement. It has a suble hint of colour which is perfect for having a fuller lip colour. There’s also is a tingling sensation that is fresh and addictive.


Angelic and Merlot Creme Smooth Lip Colour


Angelic is a delicate nude pink shade while Merlot is a deep burgundy. Laura Mercier Creme Lipstick is known for its cushiony and creamy texture that helps prevent dry lips. It also stays for a reasonable amount of time without fading.


Forbidden and Bewitched Nail Lacquers


Forbidden is silver nail polish while Bewitched is black with green shimmer. With its ultra smooth formula, these nail lacquers dry fast, do not chip and just like other Laura Mercier products, last longer.

photos courtesy of http://lauramercier.com