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The New Step In Your Hair Care Routine

You probably use shampoo and conditioner regularly. But how often do you use a hair mask? Most people don’t realize just how radically hair masks can change your hair’s health. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to haircare. Different hair types means different hair needs. This is why Phyto offers different kinds of hair masks–all of which are plant-based and are gentle on your hair and scalp.

For those who are accustomed to using only shampoo and conditioner, here’s a helpful guide on the perfect hair mask for your hair type.

1.) For Weak Hair: Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional Mask (Php 2,250)

This mask fills your hair with much-needed keratin. It also regenerates and nourishes hair. Unlike other products, it offers long-lasting results by repairing the internal structure of your hair. Its ingredients include biomimetic botanical keratin, sapote butter and baobab oil, and extracts of red peony petals. You can use this just once or twice a week–which is why just one tub can last a long while.

2.) For Dry Hair: Phytoelixir Intense Nutrition Mask (Php 2,250)


This intense nutrition mask nourishes and protects dry hair from further damage. The magic of this product is how it targets and replenishes the hair lipids, which brings both immediate and long-lasting results to dry hair! Your hair will look shiny, supple, and transformed. Its ingredients include narcissus wax and macadamia oil. Make this hair mask part of your weekend haircare routine and see the difference this extra step can do for your hair!


3.) For Colored Hair: Phytomillesime Color-Enhancing Mask (Php 2,250)

This mask makes it possible to maintain both the health and the new color of your hair.  It prolongs color intensity and magnifies its shine by restoring the integrity of your hair fiber. The effectivity of this product lies in its ingredients. The argan butter brings nutrition and strength to the hair. The apple extract prevents your hair color from fading. Extractions of the apple tree blossoms and fruits gently seal hair cuticles. The hibiscus hydrates and detangles your hair strands. You now have nothing stopping you from getting your dream hair color!

4.) For Thin Hair: Phytodensia Plumping Mask (Php 2,250)

This mask instantly coats and detangles your hair, making your hair look full of body. Its ingredients include vernonia and grape extract, hyaluronic acid and acacia collagen, and milk thistle extract. Instead of using a conditioner, you can use this mask after you shampoo. Aside from leaving your hair looking great, it also leaves your hair smelling great! It has a sensuous feminine fragrance with the fruity notes of pears and peach flowers, made sophisticated by musk and vanilla.

When Patrick Alès first founded Phyto in 1967, he combined his two passions in life: plants and hair. According to him, if plants have cosmetic properties to naturally beautify the skin, they can be beneficial to the hair, too. The hair masks under Phyto are a reflection of Patrick Alès haircare philosophy: they are gentle, plant-based, but are still effective!


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