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How To Survive Post-Halloween Breakout and Other Problems

The spookiest and craziest time of year is creeping up on us! Yes, Halloween is all fun and games until someone gets  a horrifying breakout for wearing too much makeup or face paint. Perhaps you’re wondering how you can have a blast and at the same time not to make a mess of your skin.

Put your worries aside because we’ve rounded up the best products for your skin, nails and lips. Scroll down to see the list!

One of the best feelings in the world is coming home from a fabulous bash, taking your makeup off and rinsing your face with warm water. Keep your skin clear and clean not just after Halloween but throughout the year with Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser! It’s a very effective but gentle facial wash that helps improve the look of troubled skin.

Wrap up the Halloween festivities with a healthy and moisturized skin! Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil is a hydrating treatment that strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. Wear it alone or layered under a foundation for a beautiful all-day dewy look.

The morning after Halloween can be so alarming once the layers of makeup start taking toll on your skin. The trick is to treat your skin with Sisleya L’Integral Anti-Age. It’s a decadent luxury cream that fights the visible signs of aging and reduces signs of fatigue giving your skin a firm and radiant look.


Halloween is a valid excuse to binge eat and drink, and wear out-of-this-world makeup looks. But, there’s no reason for you to sacrifice your skincare routine. Neal Yard’s Purifying Palmarosa Toner is something that should be in your beauty closet as it balances excess oils and minimizes the appearance of pores. Your skin will be nowhere near as oily as what it used to be!

Never ever take a snooze without having a relaxing shower! Indulge yourself first in a luxurious and rejuvenating bath with Baylis & Harding’s Shower Creme. It’s a lush shower cream with restful fragrances of Jojoba, Silk and Almond Oil that will help nourish your body at the end of a big night out.

Nobody wants to look frightening even after the celebration, right? Get your tired self up for a few more minutes to remove all the dirt and grime accumulated throughout the day. Jane Iredale Botanical Makeup Remover is a little bottle of magic that instantly clears away makeup residue for the face, eyes and lips.

After the party’s clamor and chaos, nothing can be scarier than having chipped nail and toe polish. Take note — if it’s coming off, get some polish remover right away! OPI Acetone-free Polish Remover quickly and effectively removes all traces of polish leaving your hands and feet beautifully fresh.

You’ll never face the disappointment of having chapped and cracked lips again with Badger Lip Balm Sticks! These are unique-flavored lip balms made of natural ingredients that protect and moisturize your delicate lips. A swipe of this lip balm and you’re all set to hop out for your next party!


Even though staying up past your bedtime with a heavy makeup on is your skin’s worst enemy, it’s just way too fun to skip all the sweets, booze, crazy makeup looks and creative costumes. Halloween is all about having one hell of a night however, you should know that your body and skin need a breather from all of it afterwards. Get your skincare arsenal ready, take it slow the next day and allow your body and mind to recover for a healthy well-being.

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