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Diptyque Reinvents the Frontiers of Perfumery
with the Prêts-à-Parfumer Collection

The -ber months are in our midst; it sure is never too early for some holiday shopping! Diptyque has just the collection for that friend who seems to have everything, your affectionate mother, or even your beauty-obsessed younger sister. (Or keep it for yourself, you deserve it!)

Let the fragrance linger with Diptyque’s exclusive Prêts-à-Parfumer collection. Famed for their alluring eau de toilette and candles, the haute parfumerie continues its legacy with perfumed stickers, perfumed brooches, and perfumed bracelets. Always in the business of reinventing the frontiers of perfumery, be able to mix and match decorative scents according to your desires!

Available in three scents—Fleur de Peau, Eau Rose, and Do Son—the perfumed brooch is a pre-perfumed ceramic disc, which slides into the center of a golden metal bird brooch. Inspired by Renaissance perfume jewelry, it gives a powerful, unforgettable scent—regardless of where you place it.


Want a scent that can be seen—literally? The black and white perfumed bracelet can be wrapped once, twice, or thrice around your wrist to adjust the fragrance diffusion. It can be lengthened or shortened as you wish! Create a soft silage whenever your gesture with your hand. Use it as a conversation starter or leave a lasting impression; we’re certain it’s one or the other. It’s available in three scents: Tam Dao, Eau Rose, and Do Son.

Either used as a clothing ornament or a mobile diffuser, the perfumed sticker is best placed on the nape of the neck, on the inside of the wrist, or on the curve of the shoulder for an exceptionally long-lasting scent; just keep applying! With a graphic, baroque decoration, it’s sure to turn heads. Take your pick from Eau Rose L’Ombre dans L’eau and Do Son.

There’s a fragrance for your every mood with Diptyque’s Prêts-à-Parfumer Collection, available in Rustan’s The Beauty Source!


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