4 Simple Ways Scents Can Transform Your Day
July 31, 2018

We take care of the way we look. Taking care of how we smell is just as important. Time and time again, science has proven that our sense of smell affects our daily life in ways we often don’t notice: our appetite, our mood, how attracted we are to a person, and even how we subconsciously perceive and remember others. Some events and stores even have fragrances designed specifically for them! If even entrepreneurs value how their shops and venues smell like, then it’s about time to stop taking scents for granted!

Here are four ways you can use fragrances to transform your day!

1. If your office feels stuffy, simple tweaks to your surroundings does wonders! You can choose a scented candle, a reed diffuser, or essential oils to perfume the air in your workplace. Try choosing a different fragrance for your home and for your office. That way, the fragrances around you can help set the mood. Your office scent conditions you to work. Your home scent conditions you to relax.

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2. Don’t you want to be remembered as someone who’s always polished and well-groomed? A signature scent can do the trick. It can also give you an added boost of confidence! It will also leave a good impression on the people who you come in contact with. Spritz on your go-to scent before a big meeting or a big presentation.

3. Don’t be intimidated. We know shopping for perfume can be a bit intimidating. They’re usually pricier than other items in our vanity (like lipsticks!) But perfumes last for a long time. And there’s no right or wrong decision when choosing a scent for you. Scents are hugely personal to every individual. If all the scent jargons and choices overwhelm you, set them all aside first. Find a scent that you’re naturally attracted to–and then research more about it. Start with a scent that you simply like.

4. Take good care of your perfume! After selecting a perfume of your choice, make sure to make the most out of it! Store it in a cool, non-humid place away from direct sunlight. Apply perfume on your pulse points–behind the ear, on the base of your throat, on your wrists. Don’t rub your perfume after spraying it on your body. These little things would help the scent last longer.

If this post encourages you to shop for scents, Rustan’s Beauty Source offers endless options from the world’s best fragrance brands. You’ll have a lot of options to choose from. Surprise yourself with just how much scents can transform your day!


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