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Your Personal Guide To Fragrances For Every Occasion

Your perfume today matters just as much as your outfit of the day!

Doing your makeup and getting dressed are always two very exciting things, but no dolled up look is ever complete without a spritz of the perfect scent. When you need a little pick me up, a whiff of your favourite perfume instantly makes you feel refreshed and revitalized. It’s no wonder why many have amassed a fragrance collection holding various scents that can complement our different moods and preferences. While most have sworn by a few signature fragrances that they naturally gravitate towards, others mix things up to break away from the humdrum of their everyday routines to make life a little bit more exciting.

Besides, nothing makes you feel more fresh and confident than a fragrant aura to get you up and going. Instead of choosing a scent that you favor today, why not choose one that also complements your daily activities? That being said, we’ve gathered a number of perfumes and scents that you can pick out for the rest of your days and weeks ahead. Check them out below! 

Lazy Afternoon

For lounging around on a lazy afternoon try the Acca Kappa Eau De Cologne Muschio Bianco or the Calvin Klein Eternity Cologne for Him. If you didn’t know, colognes are the perfect fragrance for staying indoors as it offers a much lighter scent which is best for a quick recharge and refresh in the comfort of your home.

Acca Kappa White Moss Acqua di Colonia 100ml  |  Php 3,300

Acca Kappa’s Muschio Bianco is known to be the signature unisex scent of the Italian brand. It holds a number of different notes which include Cedar Wood, White Moss, Lavender and Juniper essential oils which all tie together to create a clean and musky scent. Putting this on will be as if you walked fresh out of the shower again. 

Calvin Klein Eternity Cologne for Him 100ml  |  Php 4,998

On the other hand, you can also opt for Calvin Klein’s Eternity Cologne for Him. Launched in 1990, this masculine scent has surely established itself as a classic. Its timeless citrusy notes like Mandarin and Sage accompanied by the earthy tones of herbs, damp Cedar and Moss will give you that sense of nostalgia readying you to relax. 

Your Best Friend’s Wedding 

A festive and heartwarming celebration always calls for a florally sweet and dainty scent to flawlessly complement your elegant gowns and tuxedos. Lucky for you, we’ve found the scents perfect for the occasion. With a spritz of Jo Malone London’s Peony and Blush Suede Cologne, or Viktor&Rolf’s Flowerbomb, we’re sure that you’ll practically hear the wedding bells ringing.

Jo Malone London Peony and Blush Suede Cologne 100ml  |  Php 8,550  

Jo Malone’s Peony and Blush Suede Cologne is one of their bestsellers for good reason. Its well-balanced scent is credited to the cocktail mix of fresh Red Apples, blooming Peonies, Jasmine and Roses which all go along with its base note of leathery Suede. Rest assured, you’ll be receiving compliments that’ll last all throughout the wedding festivities.

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum 100ml  |  Php 8,950

If you’re looking for an easy to wear yet quality floral scent, Viktor&Rolf’s Flowerbomb should be at the top of your list. Coming from the name itself, this fragrance is like spring in full bloom. With notes of Rose, Jasmine, Freesia accord and Patchouli, Flowerbomb is meant to whisk you away into a garden. More so, it’s a true match made in heaven for an outdoor wedding and reception! 

Date Night with Your Significant Other 

When your date is at your doorstep, you can always count on Maison Francis Kurkdijan’s Baccarat Rouge 540 and Diptyque’s Fleur de Peau. Sultry, sophisticated and seductive, these two perfumes are truly meant to encapsulate your partner’s attention. A few sprays and you can expect a date night you won’t ever forget!

Maison Margiela Replica Coffee Break Eau de Toilette 100ml  |  Php 7,450

We can confidently say that one of the reasons why coffee is so addicting is also because of its alluring and aromatic scent. Just the smell of coffee wafting around your room is enough to comfort you during a hard day’s work. But if your tank is already full from the caffeine rush, look to Maison Margiela’s Coffee Break to reawaken that relaxed and calm feeling once again. Blended with soothing notes like Lavender, Vanilla, Cedar and Milk, it’s truly like a warm cup of coffee inside a bottle.

Tom Ford Fabulous Eau de Parfum 50ml  |  Php 18,000

From the man himself, Tom Ford, “F Fabulous is a decadent, oriental leather with an intoxicating grip. It evokes the private exchanges where fantasies come true.” It’s primarily a leather fragrance with spicy notes of Bitter Almond, Clary Sage, Tonka Bean and Lavender. But better yet, it’s also a perfume that lasts all day long, and is meant to make you feel like a confident and fabulous boss at work. 

Weekend Getaway 

In these unusual times, the days of jetting off to faraway places just seem like a figment of our dreams and imaginations. But a quick weekend getaway to remedy that should be enough to give us a sense of normalcy. If you’ve already forgotten how to pack, we’re here to remind you that the essentials of a vacation don’t only include your toothbrush, clothes and charger. You also need a light, crisp and revitalizing fragrance to keep you fresh throughout the trip. So make sure to include L’Occitane’s Osmanthus fragrance and Bvlgari Man’s Terrae Essence inside your luggage — they’ll be your loyal companions during this little vacation. 

L’Occitane Osmanthus Eau de Toilette 75ml  |  Php 3,250

Just newly released in 2021, L’Occitane’s Osmanthus Fragrance is a delicate scent that can transport you into the flowery fields of Provence. With its delectable fruity and floral scent, you’ll initially smell its top notes of Apricot, Bitter Pear and Orange. But the true star of the show remains to be the Osmanthus flower whose velvety essences are accentuated by the rest of its earthy base notes like Carrot seed oil and Cedarwood. 

Bvlgari Man Terrae Essence Eau de Parfum 100ml  |  Php 7,300

Bvlgari Man’s Terrae Essence is a perfume inspired by the earth and its natural elements, making it a great masculine fragrance for those who love nature and are surrounded by it. It gives way to a more citrusy and woody scent that is infused with Citron and Vetiver essence as well as a smoky Terrae accord and Styrax essence. If you truly want to be one with nature, we highly suggest you check this out. 

Christmas Dinner

Dressing for the occasion also includes the perfect perfume for the holiday season. With only a month left until Christmas day knocks on our doors, a whiff of Carolina Herrera’s Very Good Girl and I Want Choo from Jimmy Choo will surely get you in the mood for all the festivities to come.

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum 80ml  |  Php 8,000

Much like the rest of Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl collection, Very Good Girl also holds a fruity floral fragrance but is much sweeter than its sister counterparts. It’s a rich hybrid of Lychee, Blackcurrant, Rose and Vanilla, which all translate into a symphony of refined and sweet aromatic essences. Not to mention, it’s encased in a new bright red heel bottle so you can also take inspiration from that for your upcoming Christmas shoes!

Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Eau de Parfum 100ml  |  Php 7,250

Hailing from his Asian roots, Jimmy Choo created an oriental floral fragrance called I Want Choo. During the holiday season, it’s a perfume that allows you to feel a little bit more at home with its notes of Mandarin Orange, Peach, Jasmine, Red Lily and Vanilla. For people like us from Asia, we know that this is the perfect scent that brings us back to our roots, similar to the warmth and simplicity of a family Christmas dinner at home.

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