Why Beauty Addicts Need to See This E-Magazine
November 21, 2018


Beauty addicts, it’s that time of the year again! You can now grab your own copy of the newly released magazine from the Rustan’s Beauty Source! You can get them in all Rustan’s branches.

Shoppers and loyal customers are most likely familiar with the bi-annual magazines that the Rustan’s Beauty Source releases: one for summer, another one for fall. But this year’s fall magazine is unlike any other! Aside from the physical copies that you can get in stores, the magazine now comes in a digital version.

The magazine is packed with features to help you make the most out of the upcoming holidays: informative articles from one of the country’s top makeup artists like Anthea Bueno, exclusive BTS videos from your favorite personalities, beauty editorials you can use as inspiration for your holiday looks, hassle-free gift guides, and more features for all the things you need during the most wonderful time of the year!


The creatives of this e-magazine have also levelled up. When you flip through the pages, you won’t just see beautiful models frozen in front of the camera. Instead, you’ll see the subjects moving in the photos! For this year’s magazine, we wanted to try something new, so we came up with animated beauty shots. This makes the entire reading experience of the magazine feel so much more exciting and interactive. (You’ll get what we mean when you skip to pages 46 to 59).

And speaking of interactive, the icons in the e-magazine are also clickable! You might chance upon an article covering the Rustan’s Beauty Addict event. Instead of just reading about it and looking at the photos, you can click on a button that leads you straight to the video coverage of the event! The same goes for product features, how-to’s, and behind-the-scenes shots of photoshoots.

It’s not everyday you encounter a magazine that offers so much quality content and creatives. Consider this as the our early holiday present for you! Speaking of holiday presents, this e-mag is bound to give you tons of gift-giving ideas. It has sections covering trends, holiday gift sets, and promos!

You’ll be surprised how much information and enjoyment you can pick up from a magazine. But don’t just take our word for it–check out the e-mag for yourself! You can access the e-magazine for free here: https://rustans-thebeautysource.com/en/EMag/. If you already have a physical copy of the magazine, you can also go to the Table of Contents and scan the QR code to access the e-mag.

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