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Which KORRES Scent Reflects Your Personality?

There’s nothing quite like a signature fragrance, or two, that has a permanent space in your vanity. Just by getting a whiff, people can instantly tell you’re in the room! With the many shoppable options in the market, it can get quite overwhelming, to say the least. 

From distinct floral scents to citrus, fruity, you’ll definitely find a new go-to from Greek natural beauty brand, KORRES. The global brand’s best-selling Eau de Toilette collection will refresh your skin all day—perfect to wear on its own or layered with any of the brand’s luxurious body care formulas. And what better way to make it more personal than picking a scent that reflects your personality? 

Here’s an open invitation to join KORRES’ universe—a beautiful journey from seed to skin and back.

Sparkling: KORRES White Tea Eau de Toilette 

You are the life of the party! This fresh floral woody musk reflects a cheerful individual always brimming with the brightest of ideas. They love to keep things spontaneous and are up for an adventure any time! Fall in love with the KORRES White Tea Eau de Toilette, a soft blend of white tea leaves, fresh bergamot, and mandarin with subtle jasmine, oakmoss, and musk.

Feminine: KORRES Vanilla Freesia Eau de Toilette 

Who doesn’t love a signature vanilla scent? For the ultra-feminine lady, this airy and dreamy scent is a perfect match. The KORRES Vanilla Freesia Eau de Toilette is refreshing and delicate, beloved by those who like a touch of sweetness.

Mysterious: KORRES Midnight Dahlia Eau de Toilette 

Midnight Dahlia by KORRES is great for those who appreciate a little mystery in their lives. They’re quite seductive by nature, leaving people yearning for more. This crowd-favorite fragrance brings together juicy lychee and apricot, notes of dahlia and patchouli with cedarwood and musk.

Fiery: KORRES Oceanic Amber Eau de Toilette 

One word: unforgettable. This androgynous amber spicy fragrance is strong at first, but eventually mellows down. A fiery personality dominates yet also maintains a certain mystery. They reflect the KORRES Oceanic Amber Eau de Toilette, a warm yet slightly sweet scent. They love to speak their mind and own the room. 

Sweet: KORRES Black Sugar Eau de Toilette 

If you find yourself navigating towards more powdery scents, this addictively sweet fragrance from KORRES is a match made in heaven. It brings together notes of sweet black sugar with the ethereal powder feel of oriental lily, the woody floral scent of violet, and the warmth of rich caramel. It is perfect for those who are sweet and thoughtful in nature. They have such a welcoming energy and you find yourself calm in their presence.

Simple: KORRES Cashmere Kumquat Eau de Toilette 

Inspired by the feel of cashmere on a bare skin, this sophisticated scent has delicate notes of sweet kumquat, uplifting orange blossom, soft vanilla, and cashmere. There’s nothing more beguiling than a clean fragrance that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself. It’s subtle yet memorable, just like you.

Which must-have fragrance from KORRES are you shopping for your personality type? 

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