Shopping Lifehacks at Rustan’s The Beauty Source You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

1. The Beauty Addict Card has a lot of perks and is easier to avail than you think!

Brands and establishments left and right offer loyalty programs to their customers. But loyalty programs are not made equally. The Beauty Addict Card provides so many perks! Aside from exclusive discounts and event invitations, members are the first to know about the latest promos, sales, and new products.

Your membership also extends beyond beauty as you get access to special rates and freebies with partner establishments like Wildflour, Ride Revolution, YogaHive, and more!

The most loyal shoppers who often use their Beauty Addict card can also get a chance to receive a complimentary sample box. This is a specially curated set of deluxe samples and/or travel sized items that will allow you to discover various brands under Rustan’s The Beauty Source.

Despite all these perks, availing of the Beauty Addict Card is also easier than you think. You only need to spend a minimum single-receipt purchase of Php 2,500. (Not bad, considering the discounts and freebies you get afterwards!)


2. Visit Rustan’s The Beauty Source on your birth month

The list of freebies, promos, and discounts you get during your birth month is long and extensive–it probably needs a separate article in itself! The exclusive offers also change every year so better make sure you don’t miss out this year!

The perks listed below run until December 31, 2018 only. Remember to bring your Beauty Addict Card and a valid ID whenever you’re claiming your freebies and discounts!


3. Earn points and exchange them for premium products you love!

Your Beauty Addict Card is useful not just for your birth month. You can earn points at any time of the year!

For every Php 200 you spend at Rustan’s The Beauty Source, you get one point. Your points can be used to redeem premium rewards like cosmetics, fragrance, and other exclusive merchandise. Redemption is hassle-free.

You can log in to https://rustans-thebeautysource.com/en/beauty-addict-log-in/ to check your points and access the catalog of redeemable rewards.


4. Get spa services from Dermalogica, Murad, and Clarins.

When customers think of Rustan’s, they often think of shopping. But tucked quietly inside Rustan’s are relaxing spas!

Have you ever fallen in love with a skincare brand and hoped to try more extensive products and services from those brands? That’s exactly what Dermalogica, Murad, and Clarins offer at Rustan’s!

With Dermalogica, you can experience customized treatments for your skin using their face mapping technology. They evaluate your skin thoroughly to create a treatment suited for you. They have face treatments, body treatments, and body massages.You can check their list of services and prices here: https://rustans-thebeautysource.com/en/dermalogica-spa-services/. Dermalogica spas can be found in Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-La, Alabang Town Center, and Cebu.

With Murad, you can get your skin the complete overhaul that it needs! You can experience impressive results by combining Murad’s anti-aging skincare treatments and the right Murad products for a more youthful and healthy skin. You can check their list of services and prices here: https://rustans-thebeautysource.com/en/murad-spa-services/. Murad spas can be found in Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-La, Alabang Town Center, and Cebu.

Known to merge science, experience, and senses, Clarins offers a relaxing service with visible results! You can check their list of services and prices here: https://rustans-thebeautysource.com/en/clarins-spa-services/. Clarins spas can be found and Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-La, and Alabang Town Center.


5. Attend free events with famous local and international celebrity makeup artists and skincare experts.

Being a Beauty Addict Member means you get access to their exclusive events. There are freebies, games, raffles, live tutorials, and opportunities to meet fellow Beauty Addicts!


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