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Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Gel (New)

Your Ultimate Daily UV Care in Gel format!

Anessa’s UV Protection veil increases with sweat, water, heat and even moisture (humidity).

With AUTO BOOSTER TECHNOLOGY, which consists of:
1. Humidity Booster Technology
UV protection gets stronger as it collects moisture in the air!

2. Thermo Booster Technology
Protection strengthened with the HEAT of the Sun!

3. Aqua Booster Technology
Gets stronger with SWEAT and WATER minerals.

4. Intense Water Resistance
Proven water-resistant after 80-minute pool time.

Dual Beauty Ingredients prevent photo-aging caused by UV rays.

1. Kyoto Uji Green Tea Leaf Extract
Prevents ‘Reactive Oxygen’ which triggers wrinkles, sagging and spots.

2. Yellow Flower Extract
Prevents vasodilation which advances skin aging with any visible symptoms.

For Face and Body.
For All Skin Types.
Works as a primer.
Washes of easily with soap or your daily cleanser.
With a pleasing fruity floral fragrance.
Made with sustainable pouch partly made from bio-based plastic.


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