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Brightening UV Sunscreen Skincare Gel 90g

Your Ultimate UV Care with Tone Up & Brightening!

1. Aqua Booster Technology
Gets stronger with SWEAT and WATER minerals.

2. Intense Water Resistance
Proven water-resistant after 80-minute pool time.

With active ingredients for tone up and brightening:

1. M-Tranexamic Acid
Suppresses melanin production and prevents dark spots and freckles

2. Glycyrrhizic acid
Suppresses skin irritation to eliminate one of the causes of skin dryness

Plus, with moisturizing ingredients – Collagen, Super Hyaluronic Acid anbd Glycerin!

For Face and Body.
For All Skin Types.
Works as a primer.
Washes of easily with soap or your daily cleanser.
Made with sustainable pouch partly made from bio-based plastic
Free from Micro-plastic beads.

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