How To Look Younger Overnight With This Must-Have Skincare Product

It is pretty inevitable that at least once in our lives, we have wondered what it would be like to travel back through time. Whether it be to live in a particular era, to correct a mistake in the past, or just to spend a little more time with a loved one, the thought definitely has crossed our mind. But what if there is a product that could reverse the years – on your face, that is?  

L’Occitane’s Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-In Serum is an innovative product that combines the beauty of nature and the complexity of science in one bottle. Seeing as the best results happen overnight, this powerful product has three active ingredients in two textures working hand-in-hand to deliver the best results possible. With 3,000 golden bubbles activating in full force while you get your much-needed rest, you will see glowing, youthful skin the moment you wake up.

Three active ingredients are all you need to put that reset into action. Acmella Oleacera Extract provides smoothness that will lessen your fine lines and wrinkles due to stress, lack of sleep, or aging. On the other hand, the Marjoram Extract targets the skin rejuvenation process at night, while the Immortelle Essential Oil is a natural antioxidant known for its firming and anti-aging properties.

Whether you are a working girl, a mom, an athlete, or a student, we are faced with daily stressors that can contribute to our fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, and under eye circles. Pollution, heat, stress, our diet, and lack of sleep can aggravate our skin, and cause us to look tired and dull. This is why it is so important to create a skin care regimen that will reverse these effects in the long run, and why the Immortelle Reset is the perfect place to start. Once introduced into your skincare routine, it will combat the signs of aging and do the work for you while you get your beauty rest.  

Our skin is the most receptive to products while we sleep, and it is best to apply the stronger and more potent products at night for it to work its full potential. The Immortelle Reset is the perfect product for this due to its thick, serum texture. The consistency makes it easier to absorb overnight, and can be applied alone, or before your moisturizer. When added to your current night time regimen, it can help amplify the products you’re already using, and also speed up the process of achieving that youthful glow.

To know more about the Immortelle Reset, the benefits it can give you, as well as how to incorporate it to your regimen, pay a visit to any L’Occitane store for a free skin diagnosis. Still not satisfied with what the specialists say? Watch out for part 2 of this article, wherein we asked real women who tried and tested this product for their testimonies. See what they have to say about this magical serum and why you should have it too.


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