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August 25 is the unofficial holiday that encourages everyone to reconcile with people whom they’ve had misunderstandings with in the past, may it be about over some silly little things or something all-out serious. It’s a day to set aside differences, let go of grudges, and start all over again with a kiss and makeup!

And yes, we are fully aware that revitalizing your friendship with someone from your past needs right timing but there’s nothing wrong following this fun, made-up holidays. Today, we are focusing on making amends with your best gal pals and what better way to celebrate reconnecting with them? Shopping for all things beautiful!

Keep your girl-time fun and fresh by unleashing the inner makeup guru or supermodel in you. With Jane Iredale Eyeshadow Kit’s modern earthy shades, you can play up with your eyes and create gorgeous looks together such as subtle and uncomplicated or bold and dramatic. It’s an eyeshadow palette formulated with minerals, botanical extracts and silica which are all good and healthy for the skin.

Lipstick is a girl’s best friend so we’re guessing rekindling the sisterhood that has gone sour should be an easy fix, right? Let your lips indulge with a crayon lipstick that has a soft matte finish in high intense color that will surely make you both look and feel so much better. Kanebo Instant Crayon Rouge has six vibrant colors to choose from that glides on to subtly shape and define your lips.

She knows what you want. She’s honest enough to say what looks good or bad on you. And, vice-versa! So, how about having each other’s backs in picking the suitable makeup for each other? For a beautiful skin, dare to make an impact with an oh-so-flawless skin with Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup! A bestselling liquid foundation that gives you a super long 24-hour wear with a flawless, natural, matte finish.

Reuniting with a friend and trying to patch things up can be very daunting and melodramatic. Maybe a “dot-dash” of the perfect concealer can do the trick in saying goodbye to those bags under your eyes like no drama has happened at all? Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer visibly counteracts major causes of aging and excessive pigmentation that significantly boosts the moisture level of your under eyes for a plumper, smoother and a more refreshed look.

Every woman needs to carry a lip balm in her bag to keep her lips moisturized all the time. And we totally agree 100% especially in situations involving non-stop chit chatting with your best gal pals! With Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, you and your girlfriends will experience lusciously smooth, shiny and fuller lips you’ve always wanted! It’s a softly textured lip gel that you can wear alone or over lipstick with a sweet scent that makes it so delicious to wear.

Your girlfriends are proven to be the best shopping partners and a little beauty shopping therapy can be of great help in your get-together! Go ahead and spend time searching for the best and the latest makeup products. K Palette’s eyeliners and eyebrow pencils are undeniably cult favorites but hey, they also have products for our cheeks too! K Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Cheek Tint has a special penetrating formula that allows it to stay on your cheeks the entire day with a variety of natural shades to choose from.

Start anew by bonding over an afternoon of shopping for your new signature scent! Presented in a very feminine and sophisticated pink hued bottle, My Burberry Blush is a floral scent with a sparkling twist that reflects the confidence and spirited character of a woman. And you know what they say, fragrance and friendship make a great combination in creating new and beautiful memories together.

Spoiling yourselves with a mani-pedi is the ultimate girlfriend bonding experience! From going all through the wide selection of nail lacquers to sipping your favorite drinks to dishing out juicy gossips, it’s the ideal activity to relax, bond and build a fresh start. And, Deborah Lippmann’s Sex and Candy Pouch Set is a great choice for this much-awaited reunion. It’s a limited-edition duo featuring two new shades perfect for any occasion that comes with a charming keepsake bag.

Let’s be real! In one way or another, everyone will experience friendship fading or preventing from blossoming due to personal differences, conflicts, lifestyle adjustments, and other issues. But some friendships are just so great that you just can’t let it go. Reach out and dodge awkward moments by showing your true feelings and being creative with your bonding ideas that you know you’ll both love, appreciate and make you reminisce all the good things about your friendship.

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