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Diptyque’s Rose Collection: Two Candles That Smell Like Love

February is upon us, and as the month of love greets us hello, we are also welcomed with a brand new Roses collection from Diptyque. Central to this collection, a pair of roses holds the title role, the most emblematic ones used in perfumery: Centifolia rose and Damascena rose. Two roses, two temperaments that express all their dimensions, both in their scents and in their colours, in a complete line of products and above all two exclusive creations: two limited-edition candles, a brand-new one dedicated to the Centifolia rose, and the other to the Damascena rose.

The Centifolia Rose is most well-known for its petals – some saying that it comes close to a hundred per flower. To experience the scent of this rose in all its glory, one must visit the field of roses during the month of May, at the peak of its bloom. As you burn this candle, it will take you back to Grasse in spring time, with the fresh and delicate scent of the Centifolia roses wafting through the air.

On the other hand, the Damascena rose is one that is familiar to us. Popularly harvested as rose oil, this fine scent is used in perfumery, for garnish, or even as a herbal tea. This flower is cultivated in Bulgaria and Turkey, and has a full, evolving  scent that reminds you of your first bouquet of roses.

These two candles are made with an exclusive illustration just for this collection. The Centifolia rose is highlighted with its multitude of pink petals with a hint of blue and a scent that is delicate, heady and lightly spiced with peppery notes, while the Damascena showcases yellow, red, orange and purple colors. It releases a scent that has voluptuous notes of a rose born in the Orient, in Damascus.

As one may remember the smell of fresh roses as a sign of romance, these candles help linger the emotion of love and happiness. Diptyque captures these moments through these candles inspired by two different roses. Although different in scent, when burned together or apart, can still complement each other like the perfect pair. The legendary perfumery encapsulates what a rose represents with two candles that smell like love.


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