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Catch a Whiff of These Limited Edition Candles From Diptyque & Café Verlet

There’s something so intoxicating about the smell of coffee—it awakens the senses and evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. Reminiscent of the calming fragrance of roasted coffee beans, Diptyque introduces a limited edition collaboration with Café Verlet, a Parisian institution celebrated for its exceptional coffee blends. 

The Diptyque Gourmet Candle Collection merges the renowned expertise of the brand in crafting luxurious fragrances and candles with the rich heritage of the beloved Parisian café. Each candle in this collection is a sensory journey, transporting one to the charming streets of Paris, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee interlaces with the scent of delectable pastries.

Indulge in invigorating scents inspired by the rich flavors and aromatic notes found in Café Verlet, the oldest purveyor of coffees in Paris. Choose from Café (Coffee), Chantilly (Whipped Cream), Biscuit (Biscuit), and Fruits Confits (Candied Fruits), with each enchanting creation offering a unique olfactory experience. Immerse yourself in the comforting fragrance of roasted coffee beans, accented with hints of creamy vanilla, aromatic spices, and sweet caramel. 

Illustrated by the award-winning artist and art director, Clym Evernden, the candles capture the essence of a Parisian café. This limited-edition collaboration celebrates the authenticity and elegance of Paris and invites us to indulge in a delectable adventure. 

Don’t miss your chance to bring home a piece of Parisian elegance with Diptyque and Café Verlet!

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