5 Lipstick Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

The lipstick is usually the first product every budding makeup lover falls in love with–and for a good reason. Even though the application is easy and simple, a lipstick transforms your look. It’s also relatively affordable compared to other makeup products like foundation and a set of makeup brushes. Because of the lipstick’s simplicity, most people no longer do extra research on how to make the most out of their lipstick. Here are five lipstick hacks that you’ll wish you knew sooner!

1.) Turn any lipstick matte!

When we fall in love with lipstick shade that flatters us, we sometimes want it in other finishes, too. The good news is you no longer have to buy a matte version of your favorite lipstick.

“This is perhaps the shortest tutorial you’ll ever read,” Stacey Nishimoto wrote for Into The Gloss. “First, apply your old lipstick, and then line your lips with a matching lip liner. Take a tissue to your mouth and blot to absorb the gloss or shine. Next, take a cosmetic sponge, roll it in translucent powder, and press the sponge over your lips. Smack your lips together, and you’re done. This look can be done with the nudest of lip colors to the brightest and masters being bold yet simple at the same time.”

Your translucent powder is not just for blotting extra oil–it turns shimmery lipsticks to matte lippies, too!


2.) Use hairspray on lipstick stains.

It’s so easy to stain lipsticks on pillows and clothes.

Great news—hair spray cures lipstick stains. Spray the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, dab it with a clean washcloth to lift the color, and then toss your formerly soiled sweater in the wash,” Devon Hopp wrote for Byrdie.com.

Please note that this hack does not work for clothes that are dry clean only.


3.) Use this weird trick to make sure your lipstick doesn’t go on your teeth


One of the most annoying things about lipstick is getting it all over your teeth–but there’s a very easy way to avoid this.

“Keep lipstick off your teeth by sticking your clean pointer finger in your mouth, wrapping your lips around it, and pulling it out. Any lipstick that would have gotten on your teeth will be left on your finger,” Carly Cardellino wrote for Cosmopolitan.

We know this looks really weird, so do this right after you apply your lipstick at home or in a washroom. That way, you can enjoy the rest of the night without worrying about your fave lippie all over your teeth.


4.) Blot the right way to make lipsticks last longer

Blot the right way: between applications to make your lip color last longer. Doing so removes excess oil on your lips from the first application, so that the second one grips it better and doesn’t travel off of your lips as quickly,” Elizabeth Denton  wrote for Seventeen.com.

If you want to make your lipstick last even longer, you can use your translucent powder yet again! “To make your lipstick stay on all day, pull apart the layers of a tissue, place one tissue on your lips, and apply translucent powder on top of the tissue. This allows a little bit of powder to come through the tissue and deposit onto your lipstick. The powder provides tons of staying power, just like it does to your face makeup. You don’t want to put it directly on your lips though because it’ll look cakey.” Carly Cardellino wrote Cosmopolitan.com.


5.) Exfoliate. Hydrate.

All these hacks won’t be enough to give justice to your lipsticks when the base itself isn’t healthy and smooth. That’s why you should always exfoliate and hydrate your lips. You can even make your very own lip scrub. Just mix equal amounts of olive oil and sugar. After exfoliating, you can use your own choice of lip balm or lip oil to hydrate your lips.

At a loss for which products to try? Here are some of our suggestions!


Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder (Php 1,950)

For the translucent powder, try the one from Laura Mercier. It’s a cult classic! And because the translucent powder is a multi-tasking product, your purchase will be worth it.

For the lipsticks, it’s best to have a simple collection of lipsticks that offers enough variety in terms of colors and finishes. These lippies are more than enough to complete your set!


MAC Velvet Teddy (Php 1,100)

Try Mac’s Velvet Teddy, a versatile nude shade loved by beauty vloggers and celebrities alike. It’s often referred to as a universally flattering my-lips-but-better shade.


NARS Full Vinyl Lip Laquer in Santo Domingo (Php 1,450)

The NARS Full Vinyl Lip Laquer is a smooth, creamy lip lacquer that drenches lips with intense color and mirror-like shine. It also has Vitamin E that imparts a moisturizing feel. The Santo Domingo shade is in mauve pink. The shade is perfect for when you want something stronger than a nude shade but don’t want anything too bright or too dark.


Sisley Phyto Lip Twist in Cherry (Php 2,100)

The Phyto-Lip Twist is a tinted balm, colored like a lipstick and shiny like a gloss. It combines color, shine, and care in just one product. Try it in the Cherry shade. A cherry red lippie is a classic red that brightens your face.


Stila Stay All Day MATTE’ificent Lipstick in Framboise (Php 1,250)

With the perfect balance of concentrated matte pigments and oils, this lasting lip color kisses with a smooth, weightless, creamy matte finish that’s never heavy or dry. The Framboise shade is a raspberry color that’s perfect for a moody evening look.

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