5 Benefits Of Hair Serum That Go Beyond Shine
February 22, 2018

Even top hair stylists will attest that Hollywood A-listers can’t do without hair serums to complete a sleek red carpet look. But are serums only good for shine and luster? You’d be surprised with the many benefits they have for your hair— from mane manageability to freeing frizz. While are hundreds of this must-have hair care products out there, choosing the best brand all comes down to how science and nature are fused to bring out the best results.  And this certainly is hair care brand Phyto’s territory. Find out why you need this brand’s quality hair serum products to go beyond the benefits of sleek and shine.

  1. Frizz free

A good hair serum should be able to nourish every strand, allowing it to absorb deep down to tame any frizzy hair’s stubborn behavior.  When applied, the serum should be able to wrap itself in every strand, covering follicle cracks and freeing it of frizz. Phyto Huile Supreme is a nourishing oil that instantly absorbs into ultra-dry and thick hair, conquering stubborn frizz and, yes even flyaways. Thanks to one of its main ingredient, Botanical Squalane, which tames frizz and restores elasticity and shine.

  1. Nourishment and hydration

Hair color, strong shampoo, and constant use of products to keep hair in place naturally wash out the oils and lead to dry hair. Intervention is key by applying serums that seal and lock in moisture in hair shafts to prevent brittleness and damage. Phyto Huile Soyeuse has a versatile formula that combines the lightness of a cream with the potency of oil. It can be used prior to blowdrying or as a finishing touch to soften and deliver intense hydration while making hair more manageable.

  1. Style your way

Hair serums go a long way when you want to experiment on new hair styles.  It keeps strands in place, making the hair easier to manipulate.  So whether you want you hair to fall beautifully on your shoulder, tie it tight for a clean look, or ruffle it to achieve a messy-flirty look, ultralightweight and beautifying treatment Phyto Huile Soyeuse is your mane tamer.  Just spray a small amount into palms and run fingers through mid-lengths and ends before or after blowdrying. It contains Calendula oil to soften, detangle, and condition hair, making hair more manageable.

  1. Hair protection

Like skin, hair constantly gets exposed to environmental pollution and heat making them prone to damage and dryness. This is where the rich, nourishing leave-in oil Phyto Huille Supreme comes in. It protects hair from free radicals and external aggressor, thanks to its Roucou Oil ingredient that contains anti-aging benefits and UV protection. The same benefits can be found in Phytolisse Serum, which contains Althea extract and provitamin B5 to hydrate and protect the hair without weighing it down.

  1. Glossy finish

No beauty regimen is complete without some finishing touches. Nail polishes need that last strengthening top coat while a good make-up needs that a final puff of powder to keep everything even. The same routine works for the hair.  Phytolisse Serum is a  lightweight and non-greasy serum that gives unruly curls or straight hair that natural finish that lasts all day.

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