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Scrubbing Mud Wash Kit

Mud-textured paste formulated with Moroccan lava clay and a disintegrating scrub
■Paste with the highest Moroccan lava clay content* formulated with a disintegrating scrub. Adsorbs excess sebum and washes away dead skin cells and pore-clogging dirt, leaving skin smooth, moist, and clear.

■The thick, adsorbing, mud-textured paste changes texture in three stages with the addition of water. The skin is refreshingly enlivened from the beginning to the end.

■A well-balanced mix of cleansing ingredients brings out the lava clay’s heavy texture while offering a refreshing feel. Suitable for everyday use, it leaves a pleasant, clean finish without any feel of tightness.

■The paste adheres tightly to the skin. When you add water, it immediately generates a foamy thick lather and releases impurities at once.

How to Use
For daily skincare
Wet your face, then spread about 2cm of the paste across your whole face, avoiding eye areas. Use your hands to blend the scrub paste into skin. Add a small amount of cold or lukewarm water to make a lather, wash your entire face, then rinse off.

・For special skincare (targeted-area rinse-off mask to use about once a week for sticky or rough areas of the skin)
Apply the paste to dry skin. Apply about 2 cm of the paste to areas which have shine or pore impurities, such as the T-zone. Leave for about 30 seconds, then add a small amount of cold or lukewarm water to make a lather, wash your entire face, and rinse thoroughly.

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