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Good Night Sheet Mask

Face Wash, Lotion, Milk, Essence, Cream and Mask in one.

After your evening bath, zoom through your evening skincare- just whip out and apply the mask! Moisturizing ingredients soak into the skin, targeting hard skin cells and tightening up pores opened by the heat of shower. This ultimate all in one mask plays every role in of your evening skincare routine from skin lotion to treatment mask!

Contains moisturizing ingredients, including chamomile flower extract, lavender flower extract, orange oil, mint leaf extract, and other moisturizing ingredients like skin meal.

In addition, a keratin care ingredient of malic acid.

The scent of refreshing chamomile oranges gives you a relaxing and comfortable sleep!

Moist and smooth for a feel-good application.

Gets you ready for bed in just 60 seconds. Your routine is complete in just 60 seconds after applying the mask. There’s more time to sleep!

Packed with 28 masks. Each pack contains equivalent to 2.5 bottles of skin lotion (340ml) for great cost performance.

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