Create Your Own Festival-Inspired Glam Look

Get your glow on! Take this fun quiz and create your own festival-inspired glam look.

First stop, choose an eye-popping eyeshadow look.
1.) Pink and pastel 2.) Glitter and shimmer 3.) Earthy neutral
Next, add your own cheeky combo of blush, bronzer, and highlight.
1.) Naturally glowing 2.) Sweet and rosy 3.) Bronzed and bedazzled
Let your lips do the talking! Pick your favorite lippie.
1.) Perfectly pink 2.) Warm nude 3.) Berry red
Hair we go! Choose your ideal hairstyle.
1.) Braids and tassels 2.) Long and wavy 3.) Neat and pinned up
Last but definitely not the least, sprinkle a dash of color on your nails!
1.) Metallic brown 2.) Dainty white 3.) Glitter greige