Lanvin is the oldest fashion house in Paris founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin, a milliner turned fashion designer. The birth of her daughter Marguerite changed the course of her life. She created and designed dresses for her daughter using luxurious fabrics. It didn’t take long before Jeanne’s millinery clients began noticing Marguerite’s elegant dresses and started ordering clothing. In 1909, Jeanne became a member of the Dressmaker’s Union, and her fashion career took off. Realizing that perfume was a staple in a woman’s dressing table, Lanvin perfumes set up shop in 1924. A legendary perfume, Arpege was born when Jeanne, out of love for her daughter, wanted to give Marguerite a gift for her 30th birthday. Arpege by Lanvin remains a classic and is still in production today.



Lanvin Eclat